I created Deskreen. This is a desktop app that makes any device with a web browser a second screen for your computer.

  • works with WiFi or LAN
  • use any device with web browser as second screen for your computer (using Display Dummy Plug)
  • use any device web browser to mirror your computer’s screen
  • use any device web browser to view a single application window from your computer’s screen
  • supports multiple screen sharing sessions to as many devices as you want
  • supports changing picture quality while sharing a screen.
  • Picture auto quality change supported. (for performance boost while watching youtube video for example)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • dark mode UI support ;)
  • available for Win / Mac / Linux



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Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov

Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov

Deskreen Creator. A Full-Stack Software Engineer of great focus, commitment and sheer will.